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Educational Resources

Have an A-MAiZE-ing Experience!

Hands-on learning experiences are always best when students have been prepared for what they are about to encounter and are able to then discuss what they learned afterwards. 

We are pleased to offer our Classroom in the Corn learning series to make your field trip more exciting and memorable…as well as a better learning experience. These Teacher Resource Guides are broken into separate grade ranges and include: history of the maze, activity goals, National Curriculum Standards, preparation required, materials needed, worksheets, and step-by-step instructions. 

Classroom in the Corn

Upon scheduling your field trip, you will receive a password allowing you to download the links below: 

Teacher Resource Guide - Pre-K through K

Teacher Resource Guide – Grades 1-4

Teacher Resource Guide – Grades 5-8 (part 1)
Teacher Resource Guide - Grades 5-8 (part 2)

Teacher Resource Guide – Grades 9-12

Other Resources

Lets Talk about Corn Worksheet – Grades K-3    

Lets Talk about Corn Worksheet – Grades 4-7   

Planting Teachers Guide            

The worksheets and files above require an Adobe Reader to view them. Click here to download the free reader if you do not have it.